Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mashup Contestant #01: the_humanity

Pair 3: Pestermite and Tivadar of Thorn

Jay Treat: 8.33 (Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 9 Mechanics: 7 Bonus: 3)
Jonathan Woodward: 5
metaghost: 4
Chah: 3 (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 3 Mechanics: 2 Bonus: 0)

Average: 5.1

Jay Treat: I liked Thornfae best. Somewhat predictable, but in a good way. The trigger seems not worth it.

Chah: The anti-Goblin ability looks odd alongside the Protection from Red, because the Protection would hose Goblin decks much more. What's cool about this card is that you could put it in a Goblin deck so that you can trigger it yourself.

metaghost: I'll state here to say that more often than not I was looking for a more lateral interpretation of how to merge the two cards. Though the card's heritage is explicit, it's frustrating that the design doesn't properly express antipathy towards Goblins, as it can equally inferred that the controller of Thornfae wants to play Goblins so that he or she can proactively make use of the trigger.

Pair 4: Shrouded Serpent and Soldevi Sage

Jay Treat: 3.6 (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 3 Mechanics: 4 Bonus: 0)
Jonathan Woodward: 3
metaghost: 0
Chah: 3.6 (Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 2 Mechanics: 3 Bonus: 0)

Average: 2.6

Chah: This should be Blue. The text could be simplified to, "Whenever Sage Serpent becomes blocked, draw a card." I think it's a nice kind of unblockability. I wish it could draw more cards for being blocked.

metaghost: The quote from Agros Kos is perhaps the most apt piece of criticism this design deserves.

Pair 5: Lightning Blast and Gift of the Woods

Jay Treat: 3.6 (Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 9 Mechanics: 7 Bonus: 3)
Jonathan Woodward: 6
metaghost: 3
Chah: 4.6

Average: 4.3

(This card was submitted with a casting cost of 1M. For purposes of making a render image, I used the cost 1R.)

Jay Treat: Finally, we know the sixth color is Magenta, and it likes blocking aggressively.

Chah: I wish this triggered on offense instead, since proactivity is more fun than board stalls. Nitpick - the name talks about lightning while the flavor talks about fire!

metaghost: The Gift of Lightning designs all kinda blurred together for me, but Chah's got the right of it: it should definitely be triggered upon becoming blocked, like Inferno Elemental.

Total for all 3 cards: 12.0


  1. I think thornfae's trigger will not matter most of time, it would be better if that line was removed from the card.

    Sage serpent is too small to be a serpent, and both abilities are blue, not white. The rules text is a bit clunky, too. Maybe you wanted to submit is as a blue card? ô_ò?

    Gift of Lightning is a magenta defensive card, which is a color mostly unknown for me. I think it's somewhat underpowered but I definitely wouldn't turn it into a red card as some judges suggested.

  2. I rated Gift of Lightning relatively highly because dealing damage to a target other than the one blocking or being blocked seems like a neat approach. I think it could be even more interesting if it were required to be a different target - then the safest place to be would be facing the guy head on.