Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mashup Contestant #12: Berney Pellet

Pair 5: Lightning Blast and Gift of the Woods

Jay Treat: 9.7 (Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 10 Mechanics: 9 Bonus: 2)
Jonathan Woodward: 6
metaghost: 3
Chah: 7 (Fun: 7 Aesthetics: 8 Mechanics: 6 Bonus: 0)

Average: 6.4


Chah: It will be hard to play this because of the risk of card disadvantage, but it's still a clean card with a clear identity.

Pair 4: Shrouded Serpent and Soldevi Sage

Jay Treat: 7.3 (Fun: 7 Aesthetics: 7 Mechanics: 7 Bonus: 1)
Jonathan Woodward: 6
metaghost: 5
Chah: 7.3 (Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 7 Mechanics: 7 Bonus: 0)

Average: 6.4


Chah: A good endgame card.

Pair 1: Dromar's Charm and Mortal Wound

Jay Treat: 4.3 (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 3 Mechanics: 6 Bonus: 0)
Jonathan Woodward: 4
metaghost: 3
Chah: 2 (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 1 Mechanics: 1 Bonus: 0)

Average: 3.3


Jay Treat: Your mash-ups tended to be more literal and subtractive, but that actually worked for you, mostly. Your Gift of Lightning is the most elegant mash-up for that pair. Soldevi Serpent is fairly clean too, but it feels weird to see such a tricksy serpent. Charm of Mortality feels lazy.

Chah: Two of the modes are related (creature removal) while the other one stands alone, and that doesn't feel like a balanced assortment of modes to me. Also, the "destroy damaged creature" effect feels much worse than countering. But if it had just the last two abilities, it would still make sense as a Steel Sabotage-esque card.

Total for all 3 cards: 16.1

1 comment:

  1. Gift of lightning turns a creature into a catoblepas! :D

    Soldevi serpent is a flavor fail. The soldevi are human diggers that use steam technology for excavations. But it's a minor issue and I like the card.

    I don't like charm of mortality because two of the choices are too close mechanically.