Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mashup Contestant #06: DrJones

Pair 1: Dromar's Charm and Mortal Wound

Jay Treat: 6.3 (Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 7 Mechanics: 4 Bonus: 0)
Jonathan Woodward: 5
metaghost: 0
Chah: 5.7  (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 6 Mechanics: 4 Bonus: 3)

Average: 4.25


Jay Treat: I like Undead's Touch, but when do I choose? Why must I choose?

Chah: I like the idea of selecting how damage will be applied. But this shouldn't be on a fragile Aura. Maybe a big Demon that affects all your creatures? It also needs an execution that doesn't cause rules confusion.

 metaghost: It appears you put this in the hyperconvolution machine and set it to "Abomination".

Pair 3: Pestermite and Tivadar of Thorn

Jay Treat: 5 (Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 7 Mechanics: 1 Bonus: 3)
Jonathan Woodward: 3
metaghost: 1
Chah: 2 (Fun: 2 Aesthetics: 2 Mechanics: 2 Bonus: 0)

Average: 2.75


Jay Treat: Hoggle is Hoggle's friend.

Chah: I don't think sideboard cards should hose two different things. People might put this in their sideboards to fight a dominant Faerie deck, and then Goblin decks become bystander victims.

metaghost: I never knew Dwarves were so hateful.

Pair 5: Lightning Blast and Gift of the Woods

Jay Treat: 5.3 (Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 4 Mechanics: 6 Bonus: 0)
Jonathan Woodward: 5
metaghost: 1
Chah: 5.3 (Fun: 3 Aesthetics: 7 Mechanics: 6 Bonus: 0)

Average: 4.2


Chah: I like the clean, grokkable ability. But this could cause board stalls, so I wish it only worked for attacking.

metaghost: It's a rejiggered Inferno Elemental that's inexplicably green. I much preferred the flavor and logic of an Elemental that can cast Incinerate rather than the mythological bull creature that casts Lightning Blast.

Total for all 3 cards: 11.2


  1. It looks like metaghost really, really hated most of the submissions. ô_ò?

    Good to see someone getting the labyrinth's reference. :D

  2. As a guest judge, it's a lot more fun to be cruel.

  3. I don't think you were a fair judge, though. I'll take averages for all participants without taking your ratings into account, and offer a consolation price in case someone different would have won. :-/