Thursday, May 10, 2012

CCDD 051012—Battle Ogre

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/10/2012 - Here's a Battle Ogre. It's a common version of Valakut Fireboar. And, uh, so how's your mom doing? Good? Good.


  1. I love the (anticipated) gameplay, but this effect causes almost as much confusion as Dimish. Needs some sort of "apply this last" reminder text at common/uncommon imo.

  2. Consider the common Shapeshifter I suggested for M13:

    Skittish Primortal (Common)
    Creature - Shapeshifter
    Whenever Skittish Primortal attacks, it gets +2/-2 until end of turn.

    I think the Shapeshifter's static addition/subtraction is less complex and removes one level of thinking. It would be a fine Red card. Since Red typically has a lot of +X/+0 effects at low levels, player's may get confused as to how they interact with the Ogre. But with the Shapeshifter it's more clear. You don't need to worry about when you activate your firebreathing effect like you would with the Ogre. On that basis alone, I would say keep power toughness swapping out of common.

    1. Actually, +X/-X effects are in red's slice of the color pie so I think that solution is quite solid for Battle Ogre.

    2. Yeah, the facet of board complexity that Nich is addressing is actually why Calcite Snapper was given Shroud strangely enough. I don't know that that makes Battle Ogre as is unsuitable for Common, but it is interesting to note.