Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CCDD 052312—Wildcursed Vagrant & Runt of the Litter

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/23/2012 - I was thinking recently that it would be unfair to their fans to make awesome werewolves for two sets and then never again. It doesn't sound like they'll make werewolves the next time they use double-faced cards since they'll be using the DFCs in an entirely different way. How terrible would it be to never see another werewolf? Too terrible! It's impossible. That means there will be more werewolves and they won't be DFCs. So what will they be? Here's one guess:

Nearly any effect you can warrant via triggered abilities, you can also do with activated abilities. It was awesome that you couldn't directly control werewolf transformation in Innistrad, but sometimes you just have to go for the simple execution. This functional reprint of Rootwalla seems like a decent execution for a common non-DFC werewolf. It's not amazing and maybe when they make more werewolves they won't be common so that they can be something fancier.

As I made this, I had the thought that I must have tried to predict how werewolves would work back in August or September after we knew they'd be Innistrad but before we knew there'd be double-faced cards. I couldn't find them then, but I spotted it today and it's your bonus CCDD. Like Wildcursed Vagrant, it's way less exciting than the DFCs, but not an unreasonable option for future werewolves.


  1. It is strange. On the one hand; it would be terrible, as you say, not to have werewolves until the next DFC-set AFTER the next one (as it won't be Innistrad and not have werewolves); so no werewolves until, like, 2020. Sucky.

    On the other... now that we've had DFC werewolves, non-DFC werewolves look kinda sucky and "make-do". In which case, why even have werewolves at all? It'd be like making 1/1 dragons that don't fly. If they don't transform... not a werewolf.

    I think what we should hope for is this: Magic 2014 or 2015 brings back DFCs and uses werwolves as the core set returns mechanics but doesn't evolve them, and can use werewolves without creative getting out of whack.

    That might be the best of both worlds until they have the real estate in a block to bring back DFC werewolves.

  2. Ed from RobotViking made some Werewolves back in August too.

    Gibbous Werewolf is simple and evocative (and justified by Wildwood Geist), it just requires a different conceit for night and day than Innistrad. As the Werewolf player, you command the night. Or, if you prefer, you only come out at night.

    Can anyone else think of a way to make Werewolves without DFCs that does justn't just pale horribly in comparison. Bass is probably right, but I hope he's not.

    1. I am always right about all things.