Monday, May 7, 2012

Design Challenge #1: Data Recovery

Let's face it: we're all waiting for the third Great Designer Search.  Given that four years passed between the first and second, we may be waiting for a long time.

But in the meantime, why let our competitive skills languish?  Let's throw down in some design challenges!

Data Recovery

Imagine, if you will, that you designed the perfect card for a large set.  It was elegant, fun, and fit in beautifully with the set's mechanics and flavor.  And then, due to a hard drive failure in R&D (combined with a sudden outbreak of contagious amnesia in the Pit) your card was never printed.  Such injustice!

Worse yet, this somehow happened three times, for three consecutive large sets.  

Now is your chance to show those cards to the world!  For this design challenge, submit three cards with the following constraints:
  • Your three cards must be "accidentally deleted from the design file" for Innistrad, Scars of Mirrodin, and Zendikar. 
  • No two of your cards may share a color or type.
  • Your cards must include one common, one uncommon, and one rare or mythic rare.
The judging will be based on the normal criteria (fun, elegance, flavor, comprehensibility, color/rarity appropriateness) and on how naturally each card fits into the set.  The perfect card should make the reader think, "Yeah, why didn't they print that?"

E-mail your cards to by midnight on Friday, May 11.  This challenge is open to everyone, including fellow Goblin Artisans.  The top three submissions and honorable mentions will be posted on Monday, May 14.


  1. This is quite the diabolical challenge.

  2. Fun! I just submitted my three.

  3. Just turned mine in! This was a fun exercise and I liked all the crazy constraints. It really got my wheels turning.

  4. "Your three cards must be "accidentally deleted from the design file" for Innistrad, Scars of Mirrodin, and Zendikar."

    The sets or the blocks?

    1. I'm sure he intends sets.

    2. are you allowed a rare and a mythic rare?

    3. No, it specifically states "Rare OR Mythic Rare" for the final slot.

  5. This was very cool to do. I was quite pleased with my submissions, although I threw in an "extra" M12 one with a wording that I realized after probably doesn't work as I intended.