Thursday, July 4, 2013

CCDD 070413—Fireworks

Cool Card Design of the Day
7/4/2013 - Happy Independence Day! I wanted to make a a fireworks card for you all. My first design was needlessly wordy and melviny. My second design was smooth, but way too close to Epic Experiment.

EDIT: Then my third design was a "Cone of Spells" that turned out way too similar to Firemind's Foresight.

Number four turned out to be too similar to Chandra's newest ultimate ability.

So... why not: Here's one more go.

And if that proves too broken (Pyromatics and Grapeshot will love this), then I will refer to you good old Great Firecracker from M13GA


  1. Players are going to have a hard time understanding that they have to resolve the 3CMC spell first, so assuming the intuition is that you get to order them, I'd like to match the expectation with Epic Experiment-like wording.
    Other than that I like the card a lot, though from a Development staindpoint Firemind's Foresight implies that this needs to cost a lot more.

    1. Bah! Firemind's Foresight. I knew there was already a cone of spells out there somewhere. And yeah, that suggests this needs to cost much more.

  2. There's an infinite combo with this card (I believe, it depends on a ruling)
    Cast Fireworks - search your library for Lightning Bolt (1cmc), Reset (2cmc), and Reiterate (3cmc).
    Put them on the stack in that order, and pay the Buyback cost (3) for Reiterate, targeting Reset. Continue to Reiterate and Buyback copies of Reset, floating enough mana to copy and Buyback Reiterate on Lightning Bolt.
    The rulign question, is that since Reset can only be cast on your opponent's upkeep, does Fireworks bypass this text and allow you to cast it anyways?

    Happy 4th!

  3. so... new chandra's ult now? sure. maybe you're goin about this wrong. maybe you need to use a pun.
    "have a problem? fire works!"

  4. Chandra, Pyromaster just got a very similar ultimate, but given that R&D is printing cards like Rise of the Dark Realms that shouldn't be an issue as long as it's Chandra themed.

  5. My favorite design for a firework is one you made awhile ago:

    Great Firecracker 3RR
    Flying, haste
    Whenever Great Firecracker attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it. It deals damage equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on it to each creature defending player controls.

  6. I like it. It should cost RRR. Keep all the threes going!

  7. It's like a real fireworks display, every time I look back there's some bold and exciting. Yet you never know what exactly you get. The cards designs I mean.
    Too tired to play the which Izzet card this most reminds me of, but I like it regardless.

  8. Why not make fireworks something they were actually originally used for: frightening enemy armies?

    Fireworks (uncommon)
    Creatures with power X or less can't block this turn.

    1. Wait, are you saying fireworks were originally used to distract enemy armies by being too pretty and exciting not to watch?

    2. Not sure whether the history is apocryphal or not, but it's fairly common.

      "The initial intent behind the early Chinese bombs was simply to practice psychological warfare - the terrifying, earth-rattling, lightning-like explosions had never been created by any man-made device, and they could easily frighten and confuse enemies, forcing them to flee."