Thursday, July 11, 2013

CCDD 071113—Ritual Murder

Cool Card Design of the Day
7/11/2013 - I wanted to find a way to kill a creature with flourish. Not only did you strike it down, but doing so didn't even slow you down. Obviously, card advantage on removal is a dangerous thing, so I made it conditional.

In the worst case, you're spending two cards and {B}{B} to kill anything at any time. That's not great, but there's been worse removal. In the best case, you draw a card to replace the one you discarded, increasing your card quality even though the effect is still just a two-for-two. Notably, you won't get that new card by discarding an extra land, so the room for profit is bounded.

Would you play this? Do you think it's strong, too weak, or too swingy? In retrospect, this should probably be uncommon for complexity, even in an expert set.


  1. Oh I would definitely play this maybe not in any of my regular decks but as a sideboard, the benefit is it is strong while remaining constrained, the mana cost seems adequate for what it can do, as I am less likely to play it with a higher cost. To be able to use it on any creature in play is an added bonus as too often I have had pacifism on one of my creatures and have wished to get it out of play and haven't been able to.

  2. This is a great design because I think it would have applications across all formats, even limited.
    Reanimator/Dredge strategies would love this as well, for obvious reasons.

    My only concern is how it's a dead card in hand if it's the only one you're holding.

  3. I expect it has good gameplay, but the fiddly-ness of the effects makes it read clunky.

    Forced Sacrifice {B}{B}
    Sorcery (C?)
    Target player sacrifices a creature.
    Put up to one creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.

  4. Texty, but potentially a lot of fun. Seems like a solid uncommon in an average set, and can help build your graveyard when that's relevant.

  5. the conditions are sort of hard to work with and are hard to grok. mechanically it looks cool, but I'd imagine this would be nightmare to actually play with in practice. my best suggestion would be:
    ~ {3}{B}{B}
    instant (u)
    Destroy target non-black creature.
    draw a card.
    (we could call it Annihilate or something)

    1. I could totally see that (as an uncommon or rare). Definitely needs the "non-black" or some other restriction.

    2. A card with a name like Annihilate sounds like it should have a "no-regenerate" clause too.

  6. I think Converted Mana cost is difficult to use well. Cue off creatures or whatever set theme instead.

    This card has unfortunate feel bad moments like: Turn 2 (or any turn on the draw), cast this killing their 3 drop, discarding your own 3 drop and having nothing to play next turn.

  7. You can discard a land if you're shooting down a token. Admittedly I'd rather have Repeal then, but if it's some 5/5 Dragon token or 6/6 Beast token I'd be happy to cycle a land while killing it.