Thursday, December 12, 2013

CCDD 121213—Bronze Phylactery

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/12/2013 - I started this design just trying to make a mana sink, something to do with your spare one or two mana each turn. Something compelled me to add a commitment of existing life points, but that didn't fit the original idea, so I broke them out and they're completely different now.

The above only risks that you lose your card/mana investment, and only if you tap completely out. It's pretty safe, but it's also pretty tame. Someone could go all-in on it and gain, 14 life by turn 5, but only if they're doing nothing to develop their board, which is generally a bad idea.

The below doesn't actually use mana after you cast it, and is sort of a masochist's Sun Droplet. You can potentially double your life total, but you risk being killed before you reap the benefits.

I'm not married to the last little twist, returning it to your hand. I was thinking this isn't so good that losing the card afterward is necessary, and getting it back is probably less helpful than cantripping. Still, the card doesn't need that wrinkle to do its thing.


  1. For the first one maybe make
    it X, T: add X counters
    1, sac: gain life equal to counters.

    for the second one:
    I think this is a rare. I like how you are hedging your life hopefully doubling your investment. this could be a cool mana rock varient.

    R/G Mana rock 0
    Artifact (Uncommon)
    When you cast cardname you may pay an additional X. for each mana you pay, CARDNAME enters play with twice that many charge counters.
    T, remove a charge counter: add GR to your mana pool.

    (would be interesting at a 0 cost but would most likely get bumped up to 1 or 2)

  2. Your second design provides an interesting perspective on the first. What if the Bronze Phylactery stored mana the way your second design stores life?

    Bronze Phylactery {2}
    Artifact (Uncommon)
    {1}, {T}: Put a storage counter on CARDNAME.
    {T}, Remove a storage counter from CARDNAME: Add {2} to your mana pool.

    1. Hmm.
      I might rather see a cheaper version that just lets me use my excess mana from this turn next turn.
      Bronze Phylactery {0}
      Artifact (Uncommon)
      1, Tap: Put a storage counter on CARDNAME.
      Tap, Remove X storage counters from CARDNAME: Add {X} to your mana pool.

      In any case, reminds me of the original mana batteries.

    2. In fact, Kyren Toy already does exactly this!

    3. Neat. Man, I know nothing about Mercadian Masques. Such a weird set.
      (Although Toy costs more and produces mana regardless—I'd still like to see Phylactery.)

  3. I like the first design, but for all the comment about being unexciting, isn't a (strictly in a duel) better [[[Stream of Life]]]? Maybe the first ability should be "{1},{T}" or "{X},{T}" and the second ability "{1},{T}"?

    You're right, the second one is tricky. Interesting.

  4. The second one (investing some life to hopefully get more back) reminds me of Icatian Moneychanger. Wow, they made cards bad in those days.

    The first, and the comment thread about saving your mana for next turn, reminded me of Coalition Relic, and also Mana Bloom.

    1. There was just a subreddit about the Icatian Moneychanger. Some guy got one in a random set of cards and thought it had to be fake haha.