Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chanukah Present of the Day - Chanukah Bush Grove

Day 6:


  1. So,
    - When you have your colors, it doesn't feel a whole lot different from cycling for G, except on very early turns.
    - When you're color screwed for R, it fixes that color for one turn while letting you dig one deeper to try to find an answer.

    This feels to me like you get an assortment of incidental small implications without having a central identity of what it's for.

    I wish this was a "land or a pyretic ritual" type of card, even if it had to lose the cycling.

    1. Chah! havent seen you here in a while. welcome back sir.

      What about:

      Chanukah Bush Grove 2
      Enters the battlefield tapped
      T: add G
      Sac CARDNAME: add R