Thursday, December 19, 2013

CCDD 121913—Valiant Defense

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/19/2013 - What if white (who occasionally gets flash—I'm not really sure why) got a Knight that could jump in to save the day at the last moment? And only then?

I don't know if this should cost more or less than it would as a french vanilla 2/2 with first strike. It's a chance for a 2:1, but it's also dead in your hand if you're not being attacked (and a terrible Fog if you're only being attacked by big things). Probably depends on the environment, and I'd want to playtest to be sure, but I'm curious what you all think.


  1. Compare to Benalish Knight, a {2}{W} flash, first strike 2/2 which you almost always want to use in the same manner you described. I'm not sure the added complexity here creates added gameplay.

    1. Except that this version can be used to block a flyer on the turn you cast it. Which is cool, but kind of feels like cheating to the defending player. Maybe this could instead deal damage to an attacker when you cast it?

      Archer Protector 3W
      Creature - Human Archer
      When ~ enters the battlefield, it deals two damage to target attacking creature.

    2. If Valiant Defense were {2}{W} it would be strictly worse than Benalish Knight (except that it can block anything, per James). VD doesn't offer more gameplay, but the story it tells is leagues stronger and for a thematic game like Magic, that's far from irrelevant.

    3. I see where you're coming from, but it seems Benalish Knight already tells the story of "a knight which jumps in front of an attack, possibly valliantly rebuffing it with a 2-for-1" pretty clearly.

      Spelling out it can ONLY do that just seems over the top.

      Unless the point is to be able to block fliers, in which case I think that needs to be played up more -- I think a lot of players wouldn't realise it can do that.

    4. I'm not married to my point, but a knight that will only come when he is truly needed is a much truer knight and a better story from my perspective.

    5. You're also denying players the fun of figuring out the most effective way of using the card. Also, James's point that this lets you block a flier with a non-flier is a defect and something that's sure to raise eyebrows at casual tables.

    6. I agree that White's flash creatures should be "here to save the daaaay" but I also agree the complexity is unnecessary.

      I think the obvious solution is this:

      Valiant Defence [W]
      Put a 2/2 white Knight creature token with first strike and defender onto the battlefield.

  2. I like this card, and would potentially test it at W uncommon just to see. That would probably be overkill, but if not, it's a unique way to make a white removal spell.

  3. The Hero We Need (rare)
    Legendary Creature - Human Bat Knight
    Flying, flash
    1W: Put CARDNAME from your hand onto the battlefield blocking target attacking creature. At the beginning of the end step, shuffle it into its owner's library.