Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tesla Index

This page maintains links to every Tesla post to date. If you're new to the Tesla project, there's no need to read through every single post, but the bolded ones should help you get an idea of Tesla as it stands so that you can start contributing.

Set Design Project

Tesla (then called Ekkremes) began as one of eight pitches selected for a set design challenge, and underwent numerous iterations while we narrowed the field down to a single set to work on.

Next we began to flesh out mechanical and creative space for Tesla.


  1. Thanks for this. As you know I'm new-ish here, and this should help me get up to speed on what Tesla is all about.

  2. This is really useful. I had no idea how much Tesla we've done.

    1. Yeah, I too was surprised how much stuff I found while compiling it.

  3. There's also a Multiverse file right? This took me a while to find: