Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CCDD 020415: Hiro, Honored by All and Kiro the Collector

I did some art-based designs for today's challenge.

This art pushed in so many different directions. The palate and flaming head pushed hard for red, but the Extra Arms looked very aura-y to me, and red doesn't do a whole lot of interacting with Auras. I ultimately ended up in mono-white and flavored him for Kamigawa. Designed for commander.

Still, the art was originally portrait, and once I started envisioning this guy as a collector of mystical artifacts and enchantments, I wanted to give a PW design a go. This clearly needs a lot of fine- and not-so-fine-tuning, and it's definitely doing too many new things at once, but it's a good jumping off point.


  1. I think you can't sac emblems since they are in the command zone and you can only sac permanents, it probably should be "Exile this emblem",

    Also I think his third ability should only bounce him when he attacked/blocked (strange interactions with Teferi), but I don't know why, I just like it more that way.

    1. I wanted to have the final force him to attack, but I ran out of room.

  2. Planeswalkers are really hard, and making a planeswalker to interact with auras/equipment is particularly hard. Both require playing some creatures, but this one is basically another aura/equipment maker or a creature that auras/equipment fall off of.
    The initial * starting loyalty could instead be a +0 ability that gives him more loyalty (like Gideon, Champion of Justice) and a small starting loyalty.