Thursday, February 5, 2015

CCDD Twitter Edition: The Goblin Game

Hey Artisans. Last week was Goblin Week (slightly NSFW), and in recognition of the holiday, I had a little design game going on on Twitter. The rules:

I'll post a pic every 20 minutes or so with a design restriction. Design a mtg card to match. #GobGame

Default rules unless otherwise stated:
1) 1 submission per player per pic
2) Must be a red goblin creature
3) include hashtag #GobGame

4) cost, rarity, other types, p/t, and rules text must fit in 1 tweet
5) abbreviations/shorthand ok as long as I can understand it

It being Goblin themed, I wasn't too harsh on rule-following. I'm posting the results here, without review. Feel free to offer your own designs or critiques in the comments.

Thanks to the players: Brian Louis, George Gone, HavelockV, Jay Treat, Jules Robins, Marcus Hensing, and Neale.

Round 1: Design a common red goblin

(Meant to be 2/1)

Round 2: P/T must add up to 4, CMC, must be 4

Round 3: rules text has "goblin" in it. doesn't have to be red or a creature

Round 4: Wildcard round - no card restrictions

Round 5: This one goes boom at sorcery speed.

Round 6: This one makes an even bigger boom at instant speed.

Round 7: Hole filling time! Make a mono-R mythic perm., name starts with "L"

Round 8: Sorcery that does something other than/in addition to making 3 1/1 gobs

Round 9: Planeswalker time. None of his abilities can have the word "damage"

(No CMC submitted with this one)

Final Round: Build a better Goblin Snowman

And that's a wrap. Some very cool designs here, especially given the impromptu nature of the exercise. Apologies to the participants if I missed a card or didn't translate correctly from tweet to template.