Thursday, February 26, 2015

CCDD 022615—Larval Mimic

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/26/2015 - Clone is powerful because it can copy anything, even Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Copying effects are fun and interesting, so it's unfortunate that we see them infrequently because of their power. (Complexity is an issue too, but it's not going anywhere.) Here's a thing.

EDIT: Zachariah Howell proposed this exact ability a few weeks ago. Nice.


  1. I think I like this better if it can copy its own CMC or less for aesthetic reasons, but I really like the basic idea.

    Another note on power level, Clones that only can copy your creatures read almost as well as full Clones, but they're MUCH weaker. Generally they're only good when you're already ahead. Power-level wise, Clone that only hits your own creatures would be fine at uncommon in most environments.

    That said, copying is VERY complicated, even confusing new players in fairly mundane circumstances like a creature that's been Giant Growthed. As much fun as it is (and I've built multiple Commander decks with every legal clone), I don't think we want that with high as-fan.

    1. I really want Clones at uncommon, but from a few blogatog exchanges with Mark, I don't think it is happening under any circumstance at the moment due to complexity.

      Which is a shame, because copying is so fun! Clone is a far better uncommon than Mind Control ever will be.

    2. Yeah.

      There are always expert products like Conspiracy.

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently so. Since I can't be sure I didn't subsume and regurgitate that idea unconsciously, adding credit to the post.