Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CCDD 011216—Mentor

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/12/2016 - Czynski mentioned using planeswalker (or player) loyalty to help cast spells and it got me thinking of ways that your planeswalkers could help you with your own magic. Today, I share my first pass exploring that idea. It's a bit too complex and narrower than one might first expect, which is why I've got a better pass coming tomorrow. Still, worth sharing.


  1. I like the idea, but it's quite an event to cast a planeswalker _at all_, and often a big hurdle to build it up to significant loyalty, at which point many planeswalkers have a built-in reward anyway.

    Maybe simply "do 2 damage, do 5 damage if you control a planeswalker" is exciting enough, and not overpowered?

    Or have spells that _help_ you gain loyalty?

    1. They've been pretty clear that Commons aren't allowed to mention planeswalkers. I'm open to the idea that Hero's Downfall effects should really be common, but these particular designs (which are very, very cool btw) would be a pretty egregious waste to put at common.

      Hard, for me, to justify them below Rare, and I'd really prefer them in a supplemental set that isn't drafted.

      For the record, I much prefer the "loyalty" version to the "if you control a planeswalker" version.

    2. Uncommon's a good call. More tomorrow.