Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CCDD 011915—Jace, Dark Imaginer / Bottomless Tome

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/19/2016 - I wanted to explore the idea of a card that could let you cast a wide array of spells, if possible without being limited by your deck. A planeswalker seemed like a promising vehicle for that.

Here's the optimistic first pass at that concept. You can cast anything from your sideboard. It's a tutor for cards you might not want to main deck and that doesn't require deck searching or shuffling. To power Jace up, you'll need Jace's Guardian—some creature (probably a strong, but common illusion) printed in the same set.

Once you do that a couple times, you can name any spell legal in the format and cast that. Is that possible in black border? Not at common, but maybe maybe at mythic rare, on an ultimate. At the very least, it's a discussion worth having.

And if the rules / tournaments just can't handle that, here's a much less controversial walker inspired by it:

Obviously, either would need a ton of Dev.


  1. For something between casting from sideboard and casting anything: maybe "Reveal all cards you own outside the game and all cards in exile, on the battlefield, or in any player's hand and graveyard, then choose a card revealed this way and cast a copy of it." It's too wordy (I might cut it to just hands and graveyards), but captures a feeling of 'Anything I can see, I can do.'

    1. "Reveal all hands, graveyards, and cards you own outside the game, then choose a card revealed this way and cast a copy of it." fits without reducing text size drastically (looks like the same size as Sorin, Solemn Visitor). I'd go with that.

    2. Revealing all the cards I own outside the game sounds like it would take a while. I think some of them are still back at my parents' house.

  2. The ultimate could also function like a hyper Gifts Ungiven:

    Search your library for up to four cards with different names and reveal them. You may cast each one of them without paying that card's mana cost.