Thursday, January 7, 2016

CCDD 010716—Augment

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/20/2016 - The new existence of {C} got me thinking about forged again. I started mocking up some cards and found the same problem kicker has: If you don't have the extra/right mana when you cast the spell, the best mode is forever lost. If only there were some way to attain the same flavor, but let players get the bonus whenever their colorless mana shows up. Monstrosity was that tech.

Where monstrosity creates a new state to track, augment uses artifact-ness, but the play is identical.

As I ran through commons for each color, I found lots of room to move around in. A good sign for the keyword action.

Most of these are just-playable to start, but become quite solid as soon as you have {C} to spare; the ability to augment them at instant-speed playing a part in that value.

Here's a rare:

And here's a mythic:


  1. So if a set like this came out we would just pack a bunch of shatterstorms,shatters,StS into our RDW deck and walk all over this entire set. Cool ability but it is a little to particular.
    All those other mechanics do not change the type of card to a single tribe. Although this would bring back leonin and darksteel 😁

    1. Augment's block wouldn't have Shatterstorm or StS. Standard might not even.

  2. Concept is quite cool. I dig all of the commons. Nulleye's scaling seems dangerously good for uncommon, and Transcendant is stupidly easy to turn on in Constructed, but those are relatively minor power level issues.

    RE: the Shatter problem, most of these pass the Vanilla Test even when they aren't buffed, and in Limited you probably won't even have the option half the time.

  3. All the commons look way too aggressively costed to me, unless this is in a set where C is very difficult to obtain. A grizzly bear that for one mana becomes a Centaur Courser is way way better than a Grizzly Bear / Centaur Courser split card, because of the Installment Plan Effect (to use LR lingo). Similar comments apply essentially across the board to the other common designs.

  4. The mechanic is done very well here, and the flavor is very nice. Not sure how well transhumanism fits into Kaladesh, but for the basic ideas of Tesla, it's certainly nice.

    This could be a really cool keyword for an Esper prequel. :)

  5. Hi guys. Legend here. I hadn't visited in awhile so I thought I'd pop in and check things out. Augment really caught my eye. It's a really great looking mechanic, flavor and all. Is it being used? Why or why not?