Friday, August 26, 2016

Tesla: Art Thou Ready to Test?

Hi everybody! I'm back from vacation, and with some big news - while on vacation, I've been working on finalizing a playtest file with the uncommons and commons we designed the past few weeks, and adding art! Yay! Over at the Multiverse, you can see many of these changes (the skeleton is still being updated), and over at the new site PlaneSculptors, you can see our very own Tesla page! Using PlaneSculptors, we can playtest Draft and Sealed online, with built-in drafting and deck editors! In addition, we now have a channel at the official /r/custommagic Discord! You can find us under the #tesla channel.

I hope to see everyone playtesting and discussing the newest cards! This week, I'll be sharing a simple tutorial of how to playtest using PlaneSculptors and Cockatrice, to help everyone playtest! In addition, I'll be highlighting some cards made specifically for the playtest file, or cards that have undergone interesting changes.

Celebrating the art-full set, here's some Booster Pack renders I made!

First off, visit the Tesla page at Planesculptors, and click Download for desktop. This will download a .zip containing the images and .xml file needed to playtest Tesla using Cockatrice! If you're Drafting or Deckbuilding, the little "i" in a black circle will also bring up a Download set option.

Next, you're going to want to download Cockatrice. This can be done at their official website. The newest versions of Cockatrice make playtesting custom cards very easy; once installed, you'll go to Card Database, and under Card Database, you can find 'open custom images folder' and 'open custom sets folder'. Click both, and take the images OUT of the folder in the playtest package, and transfer them to the custom images folder. Then, take the .xml file out of the playtest package, and put it into the custom set folder. (These directions are also included with the playtest package itself!)

Exit and restart Cockatrice, and all the cards should be available!

Now, to play with these cards, you can either do Constructed, or you can try a Limited event. Limited events, as mentioned, can be done on PlaneSculptors! When you open up, you can go to Host events, and simply choose Booster Draft or Sealed. Both of them include the drafting and deck-building process in the client, but not the games - that must be done with Cockatrice. When you're done drafting and deck-building, Export deck (top right of the deck builder) will give you a text file that you can copy with Ctrl+C, and then paste into the Cockatrice deck builder (click the empty pane on the right) in order to easily transfer it for playing!

If there's any questions, please, ask in the comments below! And if you get playtesting, I'd love to see what you guys think of the full set on PlaneSculptors, and any feedback you have for the set!

Until next time, have a great week!

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