Monday, August 29, 2016

CCDD 082916—Encrypt & Encode

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/29/2016 - Two very different ideas for colorless countermagic.

I expect both to be controversial, but especially the second one:


  1. Yeah, the second one screams equilibrium at "it is correct for all/no decks to play this card" (like Mental Misstep, the last colorless counterspell). I think the first one is probably fine, though - it's anti-counterspell tech rather than an outright counter on its own.

  2. Encrypt doesn't work the way you want it to, and is also an established green ability.

    Encode is...weird. 3 mana counterspell isn't a particularly good rate, and is only run in Standard because there aren't m/any better options. Decks that are forced into colorless and have a hard time dealing with spells might want this, but I doubt anyone else does (if you're an aggressive deck that wants to tap out every turn, for example, this is much worse than Misstep because its sole use is to counter other Encodes). I'd drop the "draw a card" entirely. The card reads better without it and is inexplicably card advantage with it.

  3. Why are we doing colorless countermagic?

    1. Because Wizards can't figure out why all control decks are Ux.

    2. This is simply false. A BW Control deck won the last Pro Tour.

    3. I want more control decks like last year's RG Bees.