Monday, August 29, 2016

Tesla Design Challenge 082916: Double Time

Hi everybody! Last week, I uploaded a complete commons/uncommons playtest version of Tesla to Nonetheless, though, we have a lot left to do. We still need not only rares and mythics, but also to slot in the other DFC cards for uncommon, replacing some cards already in the file. So let's get on that, then! This week, the challenge will revolve around filling in these slots!

EDIT: New art is available on the WotC page! We can use this for our designs.

Designers, your challenge this week is to not only begin designing DFCs for uncommon, but also rares and mythics. 

Do note, at uncommon, we already have all the Revolution DFCs we need. The goal now is to begin designing other flavorful DFCs for uncommon. When you think 'steampunk set, you might think DFCS themed around invention and progress', things 'upgrading', or being 'developed', definitely leaves a lot of room for DFC designs. In addition, we can attempt to explore flavor and design space that Innistrad sets have not had the chance to.

At rare and mythic, we do want a rare for each color pair, and we want a mythic planeswalker for Chandra and for 'Vaen', a villainous planeswalker who supports the Consulate and is at least {W}{U}, and possibly {W}{U}{B}. Legendary creatures in our set include Siv Katari, a {U}{R} artificer and leader of the Rebellion, and Baral, a {W}{U}{B} antagonist of Chandra's, who was horribly burnt when Chandra planeswalked and now has risen in the ranks for his devotion to the crusade against natural mages in Kaladesh. No longer a lieutenant, he is now the right-hand man of Vaen. Lastly, we have an undetermined third planeswalker - with Gideon and Nissa being Chandra's closest companions in the Gatewatch, they're a good choice, but Jace could serve as a nice foil to Chandra.

When designing uncommon DFCs and rares and mythics, think 'flavor homeruns' first and foremost. What are some concepts you think need to be in a top-down set based on Kaladesh? What are some aspects of the steampunk genre, or the Indian inspiration, that simply must be present in our set? Design those cards first.

You should also play to your strengths. What archetypes in Tesla have you enjoyed? Design some cards to support it. If you're skilled at Constructed and want more cards for it, design powerful cards aimed at Constructed. If you're a Johnny who likes build-around uncommons, make one of your DFC designs just that. If you're a Timmy and you feel we need more ramp targets for Recharge, design them. And so on.

In addition, there will be DFCs at rare and mythic. So feel free to design DFCs for these rarities as well!

I'll be porting over the current updated playtest skeleton to the Tesla Multiverse today, so that will soon be able to serve as a reference for which uncommons you can role-wise 'replace' with a DFC. For now, feel free to use the PlaneSculptors gallery.


  1. Holy guacamole. That set is looking amazing.

    1. Yeah, Planesculptors is an amazing website!

    2. Wow. Yeah. This set is sweet!

    3. I'm glad it's getting a positive reception. It's been playtesting VERY well, too! I'll have playtest reports up soon.

  2. Are we pretending Saheeli Rai isn't a thing now?

    1. Yes. We're making an alternate version of Kaladesh, using only what we knew before the 'official' Kaladesh was revealed (though we may borrow some art, simply to make the set feel more realistic).

  3. Sorry I'm not up to speed on where and how to post, so I'm just going to leave this here. Not sure if it fits with stuff in the set, just thought it was a cool design. Somewhat "Transformers"-inspired, but also meant to play well with canisters mechanically and revolution thematically.

    Ore Hauler 3
    Artifact Creature- Construct (Rare)
    Defender, indestructible
    T: Add R to your mana pool.
    3R: Transform CARDNAME.
    Hidden Juggernaut
    Artifact Creature- Juggernaut
    [Color indicator: Red]
    CARDNAME attacks every turn if able.
    2: Transform CARDNAME.

    1. I think this is very cool!! Making a cycle of these would be tough, but I think this would be an excellent colorless DFC card.

      I do like the idea of artifact creatures transforming into colored artifact creatures... that might be more of a second set thing, unfortunately, especially as we're gonna have a tough time making room for DFCs in all colors. We can do three per color, three artifacts, and then one extra for red and white (for Revolution).

    2. Since we have one of our multicolor uncommons as a DFC - the {R}{W} uncommon - we either need to take away an artifact, or adjust the {R}{W} uncommon.

    3. I think of this design as counting as a red card (hopefully there's little reason to take it if the deck isn't playing red already). If red DFCs are tight due to Revolution, the design would also make pretty good sense in green with minimal changes.

    4. I think it's a great idea to have artifacts that can be improved. Here's another iteration:

      Orb of the Wildmind 3
      T: Discard a card, then draw a card. Put a charge counter on ~. If there are 3 or more charge counters on ~, remove all of them and transform ~.

      (transforms to)
      Wildmind Golem
      Whenever ~ attacks, discard your hand and draw that many cards.

  4. This thought is super late—especially when the revolution cards are all so clean and pretty—but I keep expecting the rebel side to do some ally/slivers team-helping shenanigans.

    1. Meddling Instigator R
      Creature — Human Citizen Uncommon
      Rabble Rouser
      Creature — Human Rebel Uncommon
      Rebel creatures you control have haste and enter the battlefield transformed.

  5. Great work! There is that feeling of "I can't wait to try out these cards" that you get when a new set is released.
    I wish there were more cards that let you the player invent something. Could there be a Mythic cycle of Wishes, where you Wish for two cards and mash them up to invent your own spell?
    For example:

    Invent Your Own Artifact Creature UX
    Choose an artifact creature card and any number of Equipment cards you own with total converted mana cost X from outside the game, put them onto the battlefield, then attach the Equipments to the creature.

    Invent Your Own Boon 1G
    Choose target creature you control. Then choose up to two Aura, instant, and/or sorcery cards you own from outside the game. You may cast any of them targeting only that creature.

    I think it would be fun for a Magic player to be able to look at two cards and say "I'll make my own spell mashing up these cards"