Monday, August 8, 2016

CCDD 080816—Reality Prism

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/8/2016 - What if all your charms were commands? Or better: fully escalated.

The biggest problem is making it clear what a mode is. It's easier nowadays thanks to bullet points, but old and different cards exist. There's a reason we don't see 'mode' in the rules text of cards much.


  1. I'd like to see an "up to" in this kind of effect, just so you don't accidentally screw yourself by having zero valid targets for one or more modes (see: Dromoka's Command, which has five separate instances of the word "target").

    1. Or Demonic Pact, or anything with cancelling-out modes.

      But yes, this seems like a nice design space. It might be broken with some old card but that can be fixed with banning. I'd be interested to see how strong it is in modern/standard with a dedicated command deck.

    2. I used the wrong wording: This wouldn't be a 'whenever' trigger, it would be a replacement effect.

      'Up to' would definitely be much friendlier, yeah.

  2. The promise of 'fully escalated' actually falls flat as worded bc Escalate already lets you choose any number of modes :( it just charges you extra for 'em, which is rather disappointing.

    The wording would probably be best as 'choose any number of [modes]' if you're going for friendliness, but also I love the idea of struggling to meet all the target requirements for an all-mode card. This can be a wacky rare, can't it?


    This makes me think of other ridiculously weird design space, such as "Whenever you may, you must."
    Probably on a curse or something.

    1. The backwards wording of escalate does make it bad with this. Dang. Good catch.