Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CCDD 010417—Mad Whispers

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/4/2017 - Mad Whispers means you never have to choose whether to draw cards yourself or ding your opponent for 2 life with Sign in Blood. Symmetry!

It's as cheap as possible since it's card disadvantage, but could still be worthwhile in a very aggro strategy, or a mill deck.


  1. Probably broken in older formats, storm doesn't care if it's giving an opponent cards if it's casting one mana draw twos.

    Much safer at 1B as a black version of Vision Skeins

  2. for an uncommon or maybe rare scary take on this:

    Pay any amount of life and draw 3 cards.
    Each other player who pays the same amount of life also draws 3 cards.

    1. Mana cost?

      Letting your opponent draw a bunch of cards doesn't actually hurt you that much if it's early game and they'll be forced to discard them at end step anyway. (See: Goblin Guide.)