Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CCDD 011117—Multimorphosis

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/11/2017 - Multimorphosis is meant to be a shifter's take on Seeds of Strength. It can only target your own creatures though: otherwise you could kill 1-3 of your opponent's. It's blue and so, appropriately tricky.

Might need to be uncommon just for complexity of use.


  1. Oh, cool. Yes, I love to see those minor effects in a context where you may be able to make them really matter.

    I'd also like to see "switch the power and toughness of any number of creatures" :)

  2. Agree that this should probably be uncommon, but super cool combat trick!

  3. oooo i might like it in a W/U heroic deck, maybe slightly minor value but cheap