Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CCDD 032217—Sylvan Preserver

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/22/2017 - Here's a green creature that helps you combat countermagic.

It needs to be cheap for its main function, but because of the additional cost, we can make it quite large for the mana.

Here's another version that works similarly, but only requires another spell to be flashed in. You can also play it straight up as a 4/4 for four:


  1. Wacky!

    Stubborn Witness G
    Creature-Druid (U)
    When Stubborn Witness enters the battlefield, you may return target card in your graveyard to your hand if that card was countered by a spell or ability this turn.

    1. Granted, very few spells actually get countered in standard or modern. This would mostly exist only for cube, and then only for bring a 2/1 for G

  2. Or: G 1/1. Flash. Counter target spell that targets a spell you control.

    Or: G 1/1. Flash. When ETB, you may return a spell you control to your hand.

    Or: 5GG 7/7 trample. Cast for 5 less if a spell you control was countered by a spell or ability this turn.

    Having an expensive cost so the card naturally stays in hand makes sense. It was originally going to save the spell, but it occurred to me, playing it early might be enough benefit itself.

  3. Will of Nature 3GG
    Creature - Elemental
    You may pay 1 life to cast this card instead of its mana cost. If you do, sacrifice it as it enters the battlefield.
    When ETB, counter target spell that targets a spell you control.

    For a Commander product, probably. Something like that.

    1. Nice.
      Was terrified until I got to the five words.