Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CCDD 030117—Cruel Memory

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/1/2017 - This creature costs {B}{B}. If you don't have double-black at the moment, you can pay {2}. The cost is that you have to pay {2} again next turn. We could use echo as an alternate casting method so that it makes cards easier to play, rather than just faster.

That's pretty weird, though. Here's a much simpler solution that accomplishes something similar:


  1. Weird cards. I like Twisted Abomination more as a swamp cycler because one you've cycled one, any others you draw you can cast. Here, I'm playing cheap double black cards but I also need mana fixing?

    I'd be interested in cards with "Double Swampcycling 3", where you can cycle to actually net a card. Seems great in Battlecruiser formats

    1. Maybe more exciting developmentally if instead of getting you two of the same basic, it got you one of two different basics. Azoriouscycling 3 (Search your deck for an Island and a Plains and put them into your hand). That way the cards end up in the decks that need them!

    2. I don't understand your Twisted Abomination comparison. If you're one swamp shy of casting either card, you can swampcycle it and be able to cast other copies of it.

    3. Azoriouscycling is pretty sweet, but what would that have to cost? On a colorless spell with no other modes, {3} could work, but as an option on a spell that does other things, might have to cost {4}, at which point you've given up most of your land-fixing and are mostly only getting color-fixing.

    4. I too agree the thing it was on might need to be pretty unimpressive, like a 4UW 3/5 or something, in order for the 3 colorless cost to get by. One could throw in some hybrid to the cost, but that may muddy the waters and make it less desirable.

      Perhaps Azoriouscycling should be 2, discard a card: Search your library for... so that it is card neutral, but still gets you your colors?

    5. Rather than on expensive cards like the original landcycling cycles, you could put double land cycling at 3 on cheap, very conditional cards. Say for example:

      Azoriuscycling on Envelop
      Dimircycling on a B "deal 1 to c/p, gain 1 life" instant
      Rakdoscycling on a R "damage can't be prevented" instant
      Gruulcycling on Battlegrowth
      Selesnyacycling on W "prevent 4 to a c/p" instant

      Make the cycling the featured use, and keep the other mode as more of a conditional bonus mode when it's great. It also would help ensure these go late in drafts to those who need the fixing.

    6. Azorius Found {2}
      Sorcery (cmn)
      Kicker—Discard a card.
      Search your library for a Plains or an Island card. If ~ was kicked, search for both instead. Reveal those cards and put them into your hand, then shuffle your library.

      Azorius Mandate {1}{WU}
      Sorcery (cmn)
      Search your library for a Plains or an Island card. Reveal it and put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.
      If you control a Plains and an Island, detain target creature.

  2. Dolorovore 2
    Creature - Shade
    At the beginning of your upkeep, if CARDNAME isn't monstrous, pay 2 or sacrifice it.
    {B}{B}: Monstrosity 1

    1. Neat.
      Not sure how many turns I want to keep paying 2 for a (menacing) bear.

      Dolorovore {2}
      Creature—Shade (unc)
      When ~ ETB, if you paid {B}{B} to cast it, monstrosity 1.
      {B}{B}: Monstrosity 1.
      ~ has menace as long as it's monstrous.

    2. Er, base-stats probably 2/1.