Thursday, March 30, 2017

CCDD 033017—Tactical Genius

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/30/2017 - Tactical Genius wants you to attack, or for your opponent to attack, or both. It's stats are tuned for survival: its own and that of enemy attackers. Give her enough combat data, and she'll start churning out plans to help you win the war.

That second ability could be removed and we'd still have an interesting card. That means it should be. But—auch!—players like to dream, don't they?


  1. If you take the fourteen ability off, take the T: off of the remove four. That should set you up for fine-playable-clean.

  2. Having {T} come after the additional cost feels so wrong.

    1. Indeed. What are you using for templating Jay?

      For the card, it looks like it would play great in multiplayer.

      For Limited though I think this would not be fun to play against. Discourages what might otherwise be good attacks from opponents (new players often prefer to hold back especially). It can also help a player who is ahead stay ahead. The numbers are probably fine for that though.

      Finally, replace study counters with energy and you have why that mechanic is so good.