Monday, May 4, 2020

CCDD 050420 - Ritual Stone

Inspired by the discussion on a previous CCDD, here's a mana rock with a twist. Think of it as a reverse Mind Stone.

So called because it turns any card into a slightly worse Pyretic Ritual, but only once per turn. Interestingly, this is worse than Mind Stone overall but has a greater risk of being broken.


  1. It's a heck of a madness enabler, that's for sure!

    But it should be pretty hard to capital-B break, since it's capped both by tapping and by cards in hand
    One interesting thing is that if you're playing aggressively, this is better played on turn 3 (after which you could still cast a 3-mana colored spell) than turn 2 (you likely just play this and pass)

  2. I'm terrible at judging cards but that seems interesting and maybe quite useful: not so much for ramping into a big spell early unless that's the best ritual you can find, but once you've hit the top of your mana curve getting you over the hump into your expensive bomb which you might only need to cast once.