Tuesday, May 19, 2020

CCDD 051920 - Herald of Ula

As I run low on cool card design ideas I've started using the "random card" button for inspiration. Here's the first product of that. The card I got was Priest of the Wakening Sun, which tries to serve as small-creature support for Dinosaur tribal.

I decided to create a support card for "sea monster tribal" as seen on Serpent of Yawning Depths and Quest for Ula's Temple. This one went through a ton of changes-- I couldn't decide whether it should have one ability or two, how much of its functionality should be tied to the sea monsters, or if it should also encourage Eldrazi somehow (since Ula was actually Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre). I like where it ended up, though. Merfolk Looter is a decent base rate, and getting a Treasure every turn is a strong reward that specifically encourages casting big spells while still being blue.

For a sample of what else I was considering, here's an alternate version:

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