Friday, May 22, 2020

CCDD 052220 - Brain Beam

We've seen the Erratic Explosion effect multiple times; many of the variants have some way of making up for the real feel-bad when you flip over a land. This version cuts to the chase and just has the land deal a reasonable amount of damage.

I'm not an editor so I'm not sure if the templating as it is is reflexive (that is, you can choose what to target after you see how much damage you're doing). I would appreciate feedback on that front.


  1. Here's the edited text:

    Choose target creature or planeswalker. Reveal the top card of your library. CARDNAME deals damage equal to that target equal to the converted mana cost of the revealed card. If the revealed card is a land, CARDNAME deals 3 damage to that target instead. Put the revealed card into your hand.

    1. That's how it would be if you have to choose a target first (and that might work for this card), but I was thinking about how to word it in a way where you reveal the card first.