Wednesday, June 3, 2020

CCDD 060320 - Impatient Growth

Plenty of iconic spells have multicolored variants-- e.g. Detention Sphere or Counterflux-- but as far as I know we've never seen a multicolored Rampant Growth effect, unless you count Spring // Mind. Part of the problem is that Rampant Growth is faster unconditional ramp than Standard is supposed to get these days, so tacking on a multicolor bonus would probably create a too-powerful card. But there's at least one way around that...

It feels bad to make a card that's strictly worse than the original Rampant Growth in two significant ways, but the power level should be about right for Standard. Besides, ramp with tradeoffs/drawbacks is a cool and under-explored design space. I think I understand now why multicolored ramp spells are unusual, though-- they create a chicken-and-egg problem by requiring you to have already fixed your colors!

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