Wednesday, June 10, 2020

CCDD 061020 - Recording Angel

A top-down design based on the name.

White's "punish creatures for attacking you" effects have always been a little awkward to word. (Hixus, Prison Warden and Vizier of Deferment are cases in point.) I was glad to realize that even a much-delayed punishment could be templated fairly naturally.


  1. The effect itself is like an inside-out Oblivion Ring, in a way that's somewhat mechanically disquieting -- not wrong at all, just pushing me off my equilibrium

    And I think that feeling, plus the notion of keeping an "enemies" list for subsequent doom, makes this card feel really. . .dark?

    It's interesting how even nerdy cards can inspire feelings; art is wild

    1. True! I hadn't realized it but considering things like No Mercy and Extinction Event this might actually make more sense in B (re-concepted as a Demon maybe) or WB.

    2. Alternately, name it "Herald of Elesh Norn" and call it a day :)