Thursday, June 25, 2020

CCDD 062520 - Adaptation

Here's a design inspired by Hostility, which turns Lava Spike-style direct damage into creature tokens. I wanted to capture the same feeling of rewarding a type of effect that isn't normally a great investment. Ikoria gave me exactly the tools I needed to do that in green.

Obviously it's strayed from the original inspiration in a lot of ways-- it breaks the cost and shuffle-into-library pattern from Lorwyn's original Elemental Incarnation cycle. But when I realized I could make my idea into a Kathril, Aspect Warper-style effect, I couldn't resist. Magic doesn't have too many of those.


  1. I love this design so much.

    Evergreen keyword matters has been explored a handful of times each in white, black, and green. What would blue and red look at this design space?

    1. Blue has Escaped Shapeshifter, which is old and short on abilities but otherwise a great model-- almost all the evergreen-keyword-matters designs check only your own creatures.

      Red could do this as a temporary effect, probably? "Whenever you cast a creature spell with X, CARDNAME gains X until end of turn."