Tuesday, August 25, 2020

CCDD 082520 - Merfolk Dancer

Here's a Blind Phantasm modeling a weird idea for an ability word!

I think of this as the simplest possible version of the Homarid mechanic, though that wasn't the original inspiration and it differs in a lot of relevant ways. I like that cards-in-hand is easy to keep track of and gives the player a little more agency in determining the creature's size. I don't like that it makes for non-intuitive "gotcha" interactions in so many situations (players often don't think twice about cards leaving their hand). Also, I have absolutely no clue what the actual concept / flavor of beat should be.


  1. I Think the mechanic is really clean. Easy to keep track of and can be translated into any number of benefits, but I think you're right about the concept/flavor. A lot of times cards related to "number of cards in your hand" are themed around mental strength/ mental stress depending on what they're doing, so maybe you could start there with a theme?

  2. Can somebody educate me on how playing a card would impact this? If I have 4 cards in hand, then play an Opt, will any time during resolution will I have 3 cards in hand? Thus making this card lightning-bolt-able?

    1. Yes, from the time you cast Opt to the time it resolves you'll have 3 cards in hand (Opt will be on the stack, not in your hand). So the opponent could respond to your Opt with a Lightning Bolt and kill this.

    2. That is what I thought but was unsure if the creature was always checking in. Thank you!