Wednesday, August 26, 2020

CCDD 082620 - Doomed Soulbinder

This is a Zombie tribal card-- kind of. My inspiration was roughly "Why is Zombie a creature type? It's just some other kind of creature that's been reanimated." That got me thinking about how to give non-Zombies some graveyard / Zombie synergies.

Cards that get value from the graveyard with no further setup can be dangerous (see: Narcomoeba) so I had to make the tribal-reward part pretty marginal. That led to making the base rate pretty good on its own-- Doomed Dissenter is playable already, especially with some guaranteed life gain thrown in.


  1. I like it! I think it would be great in draft with some soft synergies, but i would worry about it as is in constructed along side something like field of the dead that can just pump out the zombies. Maybe tie the graveyard triggering ability to a "b" OR "1" mana cost? I'm thinking of something like Boneyard scourge or blood operative.

    1. Also, I'm fairly new here, and I was wondering if there is a process to go through to be able to post cards for comment?

    2. Sure thing! Besides the Weekend Design Challenges, if you're interested in becoming a regular poster you can check out this post and email zefferal.