Monday, November 26, 2012

CCDD 112612—Steal Fate

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/26/2012 - Reverse Fatespinner. Instead of robbing an opponent of part of her turn, Steal Fate gives you more turn. It happens to do so in a punisher-mechanic way, that lets your opponent prevent you from taking a particular bonus by conceding it herself, but that would be a desperate choice indeed and one you're just as likely to profit from.

Naturally, there is a much simpler execution that doesn't give your enemies any say in the matter:

Prolong the Day gains quite a bit in elegance and power, but it's not as interactive. With the possible exception of players who love to give their opponent's hard choices, I'm confident most players will prefer the second version. What I'm curious about is which one actually leads to the most fun gameplay. I could see it going either way and would definitely playtest both. What does your intuition say?


  1. Prolong day is certainly simple and powerful but I'd prefer Steal Fate, perhaps as blue/black card instead of straight blue (as it's forcing an opponent to give up something or allow you a gain). In addition it would make life very interesting for your opponents in a multiplayer game as opposed to the second. I think we can excuse wordiness on rares (or even mythics where the recent extra turn cards have been placed).

  2. Are there conditions under which you would want two main phases in a row? An extra upkeep could be pretty cool, though.

  3. The extra main phase only makes sense on Steal Fate, since you can cast the card from your extra draw step. Prolong the Day is basically "every turn, either draw an extra card or get an extra combat phase" which doesn't feel very blue. It could be an interesting izzet artifact:
    Prolong the Day 4
    2U: After your second main phase there is an additional draw step.
    3: After your second main phase there is an additional main phase.
    2R: After your second main phase there is an additional combat phase.

  4. All good points. The extra main phase really is crappy.

  5. Prolong the Day could allow an extra upkeep step (a la Paradox Haze). Makes it more of a Jonny card.

    1. Much better.
      Ironic that Steal Fate can't (shouldn't) because most players would love to give up their upkeep step.

  6. Steal Fate is too confusing for the result.

    Prolong the day is fun but undercosted. WotC would put this at 5cmc or more.