Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sonnet #4: To Emmara Tandris

Whence came she by such sturdiness and brawn
Who is no elemental, but an elf?
What other shaman blocks Rix Maadi's spawn,
Or knocks out Hellkite Tyrants by herself?
None but Emmara Tandris, stalwart maid,
Selesnya's runner and its champion fair.
And stronger still with token-wrought brigade;
(She's not just Hexplate Golem, guys, I swear!)
But no mere elf has such vitality
Or lustiness, and though I sing her praise,
Her strength comes not by nature. Know that she,
Like Armstrong, juiced to win the Tour de Maze!
And though her thews be mightier than Mars,
On Gatherer, she'll never break two stars.


  1. Scandalous and slanderous by equal measure,
    but true nonetheless.

  2. Amazing rhymes!

    The art of Emmara should have shown her riding a Behemoth or something.

  3. She could have been a 4/4 with "the first time Emmara or a token you control would be destroyed each turn, regenerate it" or something. That would feel more like a healer Elf.

    Or, if she had "Emmara gets +1/+1 for each creature you control" people would be more forgiving of her huge size.

  4. 1) Reduce her power so she doesn't have that weird flavour problem. 2/7

    2) Keep everything else the same, including damage prevention ability just add: When ~trostani enters the battlefield, put two put a green and white Elemental creature token onto the battlefield with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control." Now her art fits.

    1. I think the 7 toughness is also a flavor problem.