Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zeffrikar Index

Here's a quick reference for Zeffrikar mechanics and other design concerns:

Current draft archetypes:

  • {W}{U}: Trap Tempo
  • {W}{B}: Weenies/Sac
  • {U}{B}: Mill(drazi)
  • {U}{R}: Colorless Matters
  • {B}{R}: Attrition Control
  • {B}{G}: Lands Lands Lands! (Landfall and Excavate - Tempo)
  • {R}{G}: Eldrazi Ramp
  • {R}{W}: Equipment aggro
  • {G}{W}: Weenie aggro
  • {G}{U}: Voltron Battlecruiser

Current Mechanics:

  • Moonburst (~ enters the battlefield with a +1/+/1 counter for each colorless mana used to pay for it)
    • Not in White, less frequent in Black
  • Ghostfire -- Whenever you cast a colorless spell, [effect]
    • Red and Blue, uncommon in Black
  • Excavate N (To excavate N, put an excavation counter on each of N target lands you control that don't have an excavation counter on them)
    • Example:
      • Enchantment: When ~ etb, Excavate 3. Whenever you excavate, target player puts the top card of her library into her graveyard.
    • In all colors, moreso in Green and Black
  • Trap
    • All colors, blue and white care about the subtype
  • Landfall
    • Green and Black at common, others infrequently at higher rarities
  • Quest - Enchantment: When [Condition], sac ~ and [effect]
    • All colors
  • DFC Creatures
    • All colors
  • Milldrazi N (Whenever ~ attacks, defending player puts the top N cards of her library into her graveyard)
    • Colorless, Blue and Black
  • Bravado N (Whenever ~ blocks, becomes blocked, or fights another creature, it gets +N/+N ueot)
    • All colors, although maybe not in Blue
  • Colorless
    • Some spells with colored costs will have a CDA making it colorless.
  • Eldrazi Spawn
    • Made by Colorless, Red, and Green spells, and Black at higher rarities

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