Thursday, April 25, 2013

Suvnica Index

Here's a link to all the Suvnica posts to date.

Introduction to Suvnica

Part 1: Redefining the Guilds

For part one, we took a look at each of the guilds and gave possible alternative philosophies and methods of the color pairings. We also took an early look at possible guild leaders and champions in the Week 3 challenge, and new cycle possibilities in Week 4.

Part 2: Worldbuilding

In part two, we started thinking about what type of world we want Suvnica to be, how it differs from Ravnica, and what role the guilds are going to play (collectively and individually) on the plane.

Part 3: Guild Keywords

In part three, we have locked in the creative identities of the world and guilds, and are starting to look at the mechanical focuses each of the guilds will adopt. 

Part 4: Playtesting

In part four, we start doing some deeper designs into the more promising of the keyword submissions. Playtesting decks for individual mechanics are built and tested, and we look a little more into what's going to work on Suvnica and what won't.

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