Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tesla: Mission Statement

Before we get started on this project, I think it's important to lay out our goals and process. We determined some of them at the beginning of the set selection process, but there's more to be said on this topic.

Our overall goal is to design a large, standalone set suitable for limited play. Here are a few specific points worth mentioning:

  • We are attempting to emulate the standards of Wizards R&D. Thus, even though our set will never be marketed, it must be marketable. In particular, we're looking for appealing, resonant cards and comprehensible mechanics. We'll try to design for a general Magic audience, not just for ourselves.
  • We are a design blog, and will mostly be working on what Design does. We'll also have a Development period, but only for limited; we can't exactly run FFL without knowledge of the rest of the standard format! 
  • As far as Creative goes, we'll do what we can. Given our budget ($0), we won't be commissioning any artwork. But we will definitely use worldbuilding as a tool to inspire mechanics. 
  • We do not have a specific deadline. Unlike R&D, we have the freedom to work until we're completely satisfied with the product.
One more brief but important announcement: Sadly, I won't have enough free time in upcoming months to continue running this project. But fortunately for all of us, Chah has volunteered to take over! He is now Lead Designer for this set, and I have complete confidence that Tesla is in good hands.


  1. Yeah! I'm excited to be a part of this.

  2. Havelock, I hope you still have enough time to keep contributing to the project, I really appreciated your pointed feedback along the way. I'm excited to see where Tesla goes, I've been enjoying Chah's recent posts exploring mechanical themes in depth for the other sets, and I think it bodes well for Tesla.