Monday, June 24, 2013

Suvnica Guild Profile: The Grohm Brotherhood

(This is part of a series of documents that are meant to provide snapshots of each of the guilds. These documents will probably be updated with some regularity. They are meant to provide a starting reference point when developing new cards and ideas for the guilds.)

{R}{G} The Grohm Brotherhood

The Grohm are a guild composed of a large number of nomadic families. They travel in small bands throughout Suvnica, sometimes as families, sometimes as comrades. They all have a deep sense of wanderlust, rarely staying in one area for very long. Even the groups frequently disband, as they are not shy about pointing out the things about their companions that drive them up the wall. Still, while they typically have a quick temper, they see little value in deceit and feigning tolerance of annoyances, so intra-guild arguments rarely escalate beyond harsh words and perhaps a fistfight, followed by a reconciliatory beer and an amicable parting of ways.

Grohm are typically skilled hunters and foragers, very capable of living off the land, without too much regard to whose land it is. Sometimes this can lead to clashes with other guilds, but most of the others are weary of their odds of beating Grohm in a skirmish, and feel that its not worth the trouble knowing that the poachers will be gone within a few days.

Many Grohm make a modest living as adventurer's for hire, acting as muscle and trackers for other guilds and individuals. However, the coin is rarely their prime motivation for doing any of this, and the moment that they grow suspect of their chances, weary of their company, or bored with the task, they won't hesitate to pick up and find a new adventure to tell stories about to their brothers.

While they adhere to the spirit of the guildpact, believing that it ultimately acts to their benefit, they will openly disregard any of its tenets to which they can't find a good reason to continue adhering. This is especially the case when it comes to permitting joining of the guild. As a result, while there are many families in the Brotherhood that can tell camp stories of their ancestors' accomplishments and prominence within the Grohm, there are just as many whose parents and grandparents belonged to other guilds - or none at all.

Typical Creature Types

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Rhox (Rhino)
  • Trolls
  • Assorted Beasts
  • Large Iconics: Giants

Typical Occupations

  • Foragers and Hunters
  • Hired Help
  • Adventurers
  • Storytellers

Opinions on the Guilds

  • {W}{U} Suiroza: They have some interesting ideas about raising kids, but they better stay far away from ours.
  • {W}{B} Zhavi: They take their jobs way too seriously. If they could just trust the rest of us to govern ourselves, they would face a lot less resistance from some of the other guilds.
  • {U}{B} Rimid: It's easy to feel bad for them until you're sitting in a room with one and they try to make a meal of your soul. 
  • {U}{R} Tezzi: Great company, when they're not trying to tear down the system. 
  • {B}{R} Radkar: We don't have a lot of patience for their brutality and greed. Plus, their slums make for bad foraging.
  • {B}{G} Gilrog: Just hope there's a lake nearby after you deal with one, because you'll be desperate for a bath. Their single-minded focus on power is shortsighted. They have no allegiances to anyone, including their own guildmates. They'll self destruct long before their threats can become credible.
  • {R}{G} Grohm: If you ever have the misfortune to listen to the some of the other guilds wax philosophical about destiny and injustice and power... well, you'll probably be bored to tears. Life is not nearly as complicated as people want it to be. Trust your gut. Trust yourself. But most of all, make sure you have a good time. Life is too short not to.
  • {R}{W} Sorba: You want to do the right thing? That starts with honesty. If you disagree with other guilds, then say so. Don't just antagonize and then hide.
  • {G}{W} Sahleen: Every once in a while our travels bring us within spitting distance of one of their temples. I think we'd get along much better if they would let us inside. 
  • {G}{U} Kisme: If these guys start talking to you, odds are that listening to them is going to save your life. 

Guild Mechanics

Coming soon...