Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Suvnica Guild Profile: The Tezzi

(This is part of a series of documents that are meant to provide snapshots of each of the guilds. These documents will probably be updated with some regularity. They are meant to provide a starting reference point when developing new cards and ideas for the guilds.)

{U}{R} The Tezzi

The Tezzi are primarily entertainers of various sorts. They are musicians, acrobats, and actors, as well as poets, playwrights, and philosophers. They also are the home to most of Suvnica's intellectual anarchists, believing the pact that governs their lives to be inherently evil. They revel in minor breaches of the rules and ordinances, never passing an opportunity to play an embarrassing trick on the stoic Zhavi, brutish Radkar, and sycophantic Gilrog.

Tezzi groups are historically the ones that have most frequently openly revolted against the guildpact, but when they do, they are always met with brutal suppression by its supporters. Because of this, their numbers began to pale in comparison to those of other guilds. They are kept alive by complete disregard for the pact's prohibition of adopting non Tezzi into the guild and intermarriage. 

Typical Creature Types

  • Human
  • Maii (Humanoid Coyote)
  • Elementals and Illusions
  • Large Iconics: Djinn

Typical Occupations

  • Entertainers
  • Philosophers
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Street Hustlers
  • Freelance labor (until they get bored - approximately half a day)

Opinions on the Guilds

  • {W}{U} Suiroza: Why take a corrupt system and replace it with something just as bad?
  • {W}{B} Zhavi: These guys are the worst. Ruthless, corrupt, and worst of all, humorless.
  • {U}{B} Rimid: The subject of some of our greatest tragedies. Living (and unliving) proof of the evils of the pact.
  • {U}{R} Tezzi: I don't know which genius thought that firmly establishing classes based on bloodlines was a good long-term plan, but what a putz! We're bound by this absurd contract, same as all the others. If we rebel and lose, the Zhavi slaughter us. If we rebel and win, dire magical and ill-defined consequences. Our existence is comic, so we try to embrace that.
  • {B}{R} Radkar: Bullies through and through. Most of them aren't very bright though. 
  • {B}{G} Gilrog: Home of the freaks. They mostly keep to themselves.
  • {R}{G} Grohm: These guys are a blast. I just wish they cared a little more about the bigger picture.
  • {R}{W} Sorba: I have a lot of respect for the Sorba. They have the sense to fight the injustices of the pact without making the same mistakes we did in provoking the higher-ups. 
  • {G}{W} Sahleen: Nicest group of bastards I ever met.
  • {G}{U} Kisme: I'll be damned before I let someone tell me that my fate is irreversable.

Guild Mechanics

Coming soon...