Monday, June 24, 2013

Suvnica Guild Profile: The Rimid

(This is part of a series of documents that are meant to provide snapshots of each of the guilds. These documents will probably be updated with some regularity. They are meant to provide a starting reference point when developing new cards and ideas for the guilds.)

{U}{B} The Rimid

The Rimid are a large clan of vampires completely shunned by the other guilds. The nature of their curse requires that they feed on the thoughts of others, a practice that non-Rimid obviously find threatening and repulsive. Even guilds that don't practice the degrees of insularity ordered by the guildpact do their best to avoid any type of association with the Rimid.
As a result, the Rimid have become largely self-sufficient. They practice all manner of trades, they police within their own ranks, and they live exclusively within their own territories.

The Rimid originally were proponents of the guildpact, seeing it as a safeguard from annihilation by other guilds. In recent times, the practical impact of being completely shut out from the rest of the world and living under the poor conditions that they are subject to has left them feeling like they would be better without the pact's burdens, despite the loss of its benefits.

While, as a whole, the Rimid probably have enough power to go toe-to-toe with most of the other guilds, they know that if they openly revel the disdain felt for them by the others would cause them to put aside their own differences in order to make sure that the Rimid don't get too far.

They sustain themselves by preying on those too disconnected to society to be missed. They also have been known to offer rewards to people's families to those who sacrifice their own lives to the Rimid. One recent  sacrificial victim was a Kismi prophet. As a group of Rimid were feasting on his thoughts, they encountered a vague premonition about impending doom. The thought was lacking in detail, but they know that at the very least the prophet foresaw that a large number of Rimid would be wiped off the face of Suvnica.

Since that time, the guild has grown more aggressive in their pursuit of knowledge, a practice that already had become a compulsive requirement of the vampiric curse.

Typical Creature Types

  • Vampires
  • Humans (Hired retainers, always otherwise guildless)
  • Assorted beasts (bats, drakes, insects, etc.)
  • Large Iconics: Horrors

Typical Occupations

  • Anything you can imagine, although they have little use for agriculture save as feed for their pets and retainers

Opinions on the Guilds

  • {W}{U} Suiroza: We've heard that they believe that they can rid us of our curse. Of course, they never say that to our face, but they do say it.
  • {W}{B} Zhavi: The pact recognizes our right to live, yet its enforcers do everything they can to ensure our death.
  • {U}{B} Rimid: Someone out there knows what's coming, and every single day brings us closer to unraveling the mystery.
  • {U}{R} Tezzi: Their routine antagonisms and uprisings distract the rest from their constant loathing of us, if only for a little while.
  • {B}{R} Radkar: Their physical size is unfortunately misleading. Their thoughts are little more than table scraps, hardly fit for even a snack.
  • {B}{G} Gilrog: Some of the very few willing to see us, trade with us, speak with us. One takes what comrades one can find.
  • {R}{G} Grohm: Amazing that they have the gall to call us parasites.
  • {R}{W} Sorba: For all their drivel about protecting the downtrodden, we often find ourselves the target of their ire. 
  • {G}{W} Sahleen: Like the Kismi, they know something is fated to happen soon. And like the Kismi, if they don't become more forthcoming about what they know, we will be forced to find out for ourselves. An assassination of one of their "champions" may make them a little more willing to share.
  • {G}{U} Kismi: Here is a meal worth savoring. It is unfortunate that they know so little about so much. Individually they may just be puzzle pieces, but when enough of their collective knowledge has been assembled, a picture will surely emerge.

Guild Mechanics

Coming soon...