Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Art Challenge Review 030716—Anastase's Birthday

Weekend Art Challenge Review
Hello Artisans!
This week I asked you to design some cards for me, given my idiosyncrasies. I was hoping to print them out and show them to you in decks, but life got slightly in the way of my plans. Thank you for the cards you all designed for me. Here they are:

Jay created Eater of the Unborn. This card could very very easily be slotted into my Phenax deck, and help me deal with those pesky Eldrazy Originals.

I appreciate the help Pepperidge Jay. I appreciate the help. And the flavor.

Next up is Crystal Gazer by theo:

I really like his ability. However I fear an 0/7 for CMC 5 in a red-black shell is slightly underwhelming. Tweaking the cost or the stats would be enough to get me to add it in a spell-based Grixis shell. Otherwise it could also be "non-creature damage dealt to other creatures has deathtoutch. This is so close to being really good.

David E. Green even went so far as to gift me a render. This legendary creature can protect itself, but not in a very consistent way… Unless you have untap abilities to let you do this many times. It can play well with enter-the-battlefield triggers. The ability gets better in multi-player. All in all, a card I would gladly play and would incentivize me to brew a very different kind of blue deck.

​Although this is a reprint, I LOVE the flavorful reinterpretation of the art. Good job, Ipaulsen!

Finally we have P for Pizza's Corrupt Arbiter. This is a 5/5 that can save your jam, make you enemies, and be crazy oppressive with cloudshift abilities! Given how few of those we have, however, it is ok. This would fit into my Esper non-artifacts brew quite snuggly.

This week has not been that active but I liked the give and take on some of the cards. Next time we see each other be ready for a complex challenge!

Until then, thank you for these cards, and good crafting, Artisans!


  1. Isn't Lin Yi's ability a sure thing in a duel?

    1. Darnit! I swear I thought about that when I designed it. I made some weird choices this week.

      I want there to be an element of prediction in your choice, since the card is meant to be both a riddley-riddley sphinx and an academic, so that's why I wanted it to involve naming, but a better template might just look like what fading suggested.

  2. AH, yes, indeed. I misread. It could be fixed however to something that cares about at least two cards exiled sharing a type?
    In that case it could also loose the you can look at the top of your library line.