Thursday, March 24, 2016

CCDD 032416—Woman-o'-War

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/24/2016 - Good merfolk illustrations tend to be harder to come by, so I always tuck them away when I find them. This one, by castaguer93, was more of a mer-jellyfish. You will not be surprised which card I decided to reference in my design.

This is often a bit less powerful than Man-o'-War but the ability to bounce at instant speed, and to do so after blocking—or even after your opponent blocks—will give Woman-o'-War the advantage frequently enough.


  1. Wobbles raised a good point on Twitter:
    "a zero mana bounce effect really adds to board complexity, even if it's in play"

    That's very true. Adding a {U} to the activation would give it a shields-down moment, but it's still an on-board trick.

    This is more complicated than Man-o'-War and that's not ideal.