Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CCDD 031616—Kird Pegasus & Mist Serpent

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/16/2016 - When I saw this art, my first instinct was a Pegasus Birds of Paradise. That wasn't interesting—or mono-green—so my next instinct was Pegasus Kird Ape. Adding {1} and flying to Kird Ape is still fairly strong. That felt too uninspired to share here, though, so I tweaked the mechanic to be more interactive. Take a look.

That made me wonder if we couldn't use that tech to replace 'islandhome' and islandwalk…

Like Sea Serpent, we've got a 5/5 defender (assuming you cast it with an Island) that can't reasonably attack unless your opponent controls an Island. So we've managed to solve none of the problems with 'islandhome.' Oh well.

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