Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CCDD 032316—Danish Prince

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/23/2016 - Another variation on the traditional tribal lord. With threshold-1 instead of scaling count-me.

Devin Low's 2007 article introducing the count-me spectrum is relevant to the recent discussion on tribal mechanics, particularly since it places 'mechanical link' one level above 'non-tribal.' I don't disagree with the spectrum at all; I merely question whether going higher on it is a better form of tribal (and not whether it's more tribal, which I'd say it is).

Not unlike the spoiled Stromkirk Mentor.

Can you guess the existing card that inspired it?


  1. Geist of Saint Traft? Anafenza, the Foremost? Fangren Firstborn?

  2. I feel silly asking, but what's the connection between the mechanics and Hamlet?

  3. It is very similar to Hamlet Captain. (-:

    1. (A card which I've found over many, many drafts to play really badly, because inevitably you end up losing your 2/2. I worry this might have the same issue. Have you considered a Stern Marshal template?)

    2. Hamlet Captain can be frustrating since you often expect to lose it in your alpha strike. It's more interactive than a traditional lord because you have to risk it to benefit from it, and it's immensely satisfying when you can craft a game state where you won't lose it (usually via a combat trick).

      Getting a pair of Hamlet Captains and letting them boost each other was fun but very hard to pull of in Limited thanks to them being uncommon. My hope in making Danish Prince common is that you won't mind losing it as much, and that it'll be easier to get a pair of them to boost each other very effectively.

      Stern Marshal avoids the on-board-combat-trick issue by being sorcery speed, and I do think it's still fairly printable, but being less interactive isn't a positive for it in my book.