Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CCDD 061416—Ridealong

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/14/2016 - A year and half ago, Ipaulsen upgraded a mechanic I was calling ridealong. It's similar to surge and pretty cool, so I wanted to explore it more.

(You may notice "costs more" in place of "has a higher converted mana cost…" After two years, I'm quite comfortable with that. Feels right.)


  1. 1. Does "cost more" include consideration of color?

    2. I think, like kicker, players will feel bad if they have to pay "full price" for one of these cards.

    3. What if you move this to the expensive card instead?
    "After you play this, you may play a cheaper card without paying its mana cost"?

    4. I bet there are few phrases more frightening (to a developer) than "without paying its mana cost").

    1. 1. What's your instinct?

      2. This suffers from the Kavu Titan problem except that if you've got nothing better to do on a turn than cast one of these, you have no reason not to. And that's a big difference.

      3. I like how that address the Titan problem even more. Much harder to balance. Worth exploring, for sure.

      4. Agreed.

    2. I don't think something that costs 3R costs more than something that costs 1RR.

  2. Have you considered adding "and shares a color" to keep, for example, a mono-black player from casting these?

    1. Rough Rider requires red for the blaze to limit such shenanigans, but I'm thinking it's not a huge issue. You might splash one or two of these off-color, but too many and you start really wanting some of their land so you can cast them when you're land shy. Only a few are particularly color-pie-oriented, and maybe we cut those for this reason.