Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CCDD 060116—Remand Leak

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/1/2016 - Memory Lapse, Mana Leak, and Remand are somewhere between a bit too good for Standard and way too good. Can we make a less powerful card that's evocative of these popular cards?

Mana Leak / Remand

Simplifying that idea, Remand as a Browbeat effect.

And Memory Lapse as a Browbeat effect.

Any one of the above may need to cost {U}{U} despite being weaker than the originals.

PS, I initially attempted to combine Remand and Mana Leak, and inadvertently included Memory Lapse. Oh, and it was waaay too good. Way too good.

Countermagic is dangerous.


  1. Mystic Command 1UU
    Counter target spell. Choose two:
    -Draw a card.
    -Return that spell to its owner's hand.
    -Untap all lands that spell's owner controls.
    -Discard a card.

    1. Counter plus loot for 1UU, with upside? Sign me up!

      How is this different in practice from "counter target spell, draw a card, choose one of the last 3"?

    2. targeting your own storm spell, returning it to your hand, and untapping all your lands might be a bit powerful

    3. Heh. I was just about to ask when you'd ever not choose the first option. Zany.

    4. I'm okay with all of those options. It's definitely strong, but within a pendulum's swing as far as a given Standard's Cancel variant. Then again, maybe Dissolve is as far as that pendulum should swing? Could be an interesting debate.

  2. Counter-Charm 1U
    Choose target spell. That spell's controller chooses one:
    - The spell's controller loses the game unless he or she pays {3}.
    - Return the chosen spell to its owner's hand. You draw a card.
    - Put the chosen spell on top of its owner's library.

    1. Nice.
      I'd hope we could remove "loses the game unless" from the template.

    2. "Counter target spell unless its controller pays {3}. If it's countered this way, put it on top of its owner's library instead of into their graveyard. They may have you both draw a card." :)

      I don't think my wording is actually good, it's needlessly confusing, but I liked that it could be phrased that way :)