Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CCDD 062216—Game of Venom

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/22/2016 - Clash gets some nuance in the form of risk-reward analysis on this lone rare. You have some information to inform your decision, and can bet high or low depending on your confidence (or desperation).


  1. This card is a little wordy and complex. When I first saw it I was suuper intrigued by the concept but wanted to come up with something cleaner and easier to understand

    Here's what I thought up:

    "Exile a card from your hand face down. If an opponent pays , he or she plays that card without paying any costs. Otherwise, you do."

    Not sure what colour this should be, or what the cost should be -- but I do know the cost should be something generally everyone can pay. Some ideas:

    "If an opponent pays X life"

    "If an opponent sacrifices X permanents"

    "If an opponent exiles X cards from the top of his or her library"

    X in all cases can be fixed or variable, though I think "Sacrifices X permanents" is the only one that works where X is part of the mana cost. (XB to give an opponent the choice to pay X life isn't that great; a bad fireball in black, unless you're greeeaaat at mindgames)


    but maybe all of this is trying to squeeze mindgames into too small a space where they don't belong? anyway, that's all.

    1. Mind games are fun and a nice touch of variety to Magic, but, as you point out, tend to wordy or complex and can potentially distract from the game.

      I like the idea of a card that asks your opponent whether they want to play it or let you, but I'm also not coming up with a cost where the opponent wouldn't always say yes or always say no, and where the person playing it is happy either way.